Shops of Happiness Street in New York, USA

New York, USA
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Larry D. Henderson
Commercial & Consulting

Providing positive solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s built environment.

At Luxe, we are dedicated to providing positive solutions for the built environment of today and tomorrow. We believe that architecture plays a crucial role in shaping a sustainable and thriving future. Our focus is on creating spaces that not only meet the present needs but also contribute to a better tomorrow.

Through innovative design, thoughtful planning, and sustainable practices, we strive to minimize environmental impact and maximize social and economic benefits. We integrate energy-efficient systems, utilize sustainable materials, and incorporate biophilic design principles to enhance occupant well-being. At Luxe, we are committed to delivering architectural solutions that stand the test of time and positively contribute to the communities and environments they serve.

Our Process

What have we done in the project? Details of the project.

At Luxe, we have successfully completed numerous projects, each showcasing our commitment to exceptional design. From stunning residential homes and commercial spaces to cultural landmarks and educational institutions, our portfolio reflects our diverse expertise. With meticulous attention to detail, innovative solutions, and a collaborative approach, we have transformed visions into reality, creating spaces that inspire, engage, and elevate the human experience. Discover the remarkable projects we have undertaken, each showcasing our dedication to delivering excellence in every aspect of design and construction.

Your Imagination

Interior Design

Our interior design expertise combines aesthetics and functionality to create captivating spaces that reflect your unique style and enhance your lifestyle.

Planning & Development


From conceptualization to execution, our meticulous planning ensures seamless project management and successful realization of your vision.

Best Solutions

Project Management

Our experienced project managers oversee every detail, ensuring smooth coordination, timely execution, and successful delivery of your project.


Design can change the world.


University of Istanbul Innovation Committee

Recognized for groundbreaking designs that push the boundaries of innovation.

Department of Architecture in University of California

Honored for exceptional contributions to architectural excellence.

Board of Directors in University of Celtic

Acknowledged for visionary designs that redefine architectural possibilities.

Virtual Technology Center

Awarded for technological innovation and creating immersive experiences.

Observatory in Berlin, Germany

Celebrated for architectural brilliance and offering breathtaking views.

National Library in Moscow, Russia

Recognized for creating a cultural landmark that showcases architectural grandeur.
The Project In Study

To provide great design that improves the human condition.